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When I Grow Up, What Will I Be?

Written by Zahra Ladha Jiwani, Illustrated by Kiyana Zaya Jiwani

“When I Grow Up, What Will I Be? From A to Z”, takes kids on a journey through the alphabet and explores some careers they can pursue when they grow up.

In this fun rhyming book, illustrated by a 6-year-old, we learn that we can be whatever we want to be, as long as we always remember to be ourselves.

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Reading of Set a Goal, Get a Goal

Listen to a reading of the beginning of Set a Goal, Get a Goal by the author Zahra Ladha Jiwani.

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About Zahra Ladha Jiwani

Zahra Ladha Jiwani is a new Canadian author whose passion for children, teaching, and writing, have all come together in her new journey as a children’s author.

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